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Northern Team

Mission : A Safe and Secure Fiji

The NDMO envisages the establishment of the Office and its existence to facilitate, coordinate and management of national disaster risk reduction and disaster management activities to enhancing the provisions of a safer and secure Fiji. The managed activities involves the establishment of development programs aimed at building capacities at the National, Divisional, District and the local and community levels to ensure the safety and security of the Fiji population and its infrastructures.

Vision :

Building the National Resilience to Disasters.
Building capacity of the National communities by accelerating the implementation of disaster risk reduction and disaster management policies, planning and programmes to address current and emerging challenges through:
development and strengthening of disaster risk reduction and disaster management, including mitigation, preparedness, response, relief and recovery systems;
integration of disaster risk reduction and disaster management into national sustainable development planning and decision-making processes at all levels (National, Divisional, Provincial, District and Community);
strengthening partnership between all stakeholders in disaster risk reduction and disaster management.
With this vision, the NDMO is aligned in establishment and structure to ensure the delivery and maintenance of disaster management programs that yield in building the national resilience to disasters. The tools that assist NDMO to enhance its disaster management programs are the National Disaster Management Act and the National Disaster Management Plan. These two legal instruments details the authority, establishment and structure for NDMO to work within in ensuring the tasks of building the national disaster management capacities, capable for implementation of national management programs and ultimately setting the framework and platform for building the disaster resilience all levels of the national organizations that is at the national, divisional, provincial, district and at the local community, villages, settlements and to individual household family units.